~ Jung Siegfried tötet den Drachen ~
This is a magnificent large relief stein with a scene of Sigfried slaying the dragon from the opera "Siegfried",  the third opera in Richard Wagner's  "Der Ring des Nibelungen" (The ring of the Nibelung) based on Norse mythology. The stein has a great dragon handle and lid with the figures of Siegfried and Brunhilda. See translation: Siegfried kommt zum Schmied (Siegfried comes to the smith). The stein is made by Matthias Girmscheid marked "Germany" and "1264", ca. 1900.
Jung Siegfried tötet den Drachen
Die Drachen Höhle
Young Siegfried slays the dragon
The dragon's hole (cave)
Translation: Les Hopper's Compilation - Supplement
Photo credit: Unknown