~ Leb wohl! leb wohl! mein süsses Weib ~
This J W Remy etched stein #906, ca. 1900, is entitled "Lohengrin's Abschi(e)d" (Lohengrin's departure), and depicts a scene from Richard Wagner's opera "Lohengrin", first performed in 1850. In this scene Lohengrin has just been revealed as a Knight of the Holy Grail whose rules require that Knights of the Grail must remain anonymous, retiring from all human sight if their identity is revealed. Lohengrin's departure and the sentiment is in the scene on the stein. As a footnote, Lohengrin's bidding for his wife was for naught -- she dropped dead after his departure.
Leb wohl! leb wohl! mein süsses Weib!
Leb wohl! Mir zürnt der Gral,
wenn ich noch bleib'.
Live (stay) well! stay well!, my sweet wife!
Live well! I will anger the (Knights of the) Grail,
if I remain here.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown