~ Mäßig trinken Lieder singen ~
The joys of drinking are presented on this 1 L. V&B Mettlach relief stein mold #1005 dated by the Mercury Mark 1884 (see: Robert D. Wilson - Prosit December 2010 for analysis of the Mettlach dating system).
Mäßig trinken Lieder singen
half von je zu guten Dingen.

Wein und frohes Lied
macht ein lustig Gemüth.

Ein Glas beim Freund
ist gut gemeint.
Drinking moderately and singing songs
has always brought good things.

Wine and happy song
make for a merry mood.

A glass with a friend
is well meant.

This verse is also found on this cute salt-glazed stoneware stein ca. 1900 by Dümler & Breiden, mold# 23. For some reason, Mäßig is spelled with only one "s".
Translation: Les Hopper compilation
Photo credit: Unknown