~ Michel, wach auf ~
This late 19th century, transfer and painted, porcelain stein with "der Deutsche Michel" (the German Michael) represents the German people and how they think of themselves, at least in the 19th century. Michel or Michl is often dressed in night clothes and is an everyday, friendly, fun loving, self deprecating soul. But watch out when he is told to snap out of it and get going. You know the rest. See also: Gesellschaft - Deutscher Michl (Society of the German Michael).
Michel, wach auf!
Daß man im Schlafe
dich nicht verkauf.
wirf von dir die Zipfelmütz.
Träumerei ist nimmer nütz
Reibe dir die Augen klar.
Ueberall droht dir gefahr
Michel, wach auf!
Michael, wake up!
A man in sleep
can't sell (accomplish) anything.
Cast off your night cap.
Dreaming is never useful.
Rub your eyes clear.
Everywhere danger threatens.
Michael, wake up!
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown