~ Nun prüf' mit deiner Wissenschaft ~
This wine glass, ca. 1900 was decorated by Friedrich van Hauten of Bonn. There is much symbolism displayed on this small glass. From the left, we see the scales of justice, a law book, The Bowl of Hygieia -- a symbol of pharmacy, a skull and crossbones--a symbol of death or danger, an owl -- a symbol of wisdom, and the Staff of Asclepius -- associated with healing and medicine. The vine with berries on both sides of the glass could possibly be nightshade, a plant with both medicinal and poisonous properties. If any reader can offer more insight into the meaning of the plant, please contact us through the webmaster. The images seem to imply a dual nature of alcohol, medicinal and harmful, and the verse seems to pose a challenge for science to determine how to use it properly.
Nun prüf' mit deiner Wissenschaft
des Weines und des Bieres Kraft.
Now investigate with your science
about the efficacy of wine and beer.
Translation: Roy De Selms/John Piet
Photo credit: Unknown