~ Prost Bruder Studio ~
This Jugendstil (youth style = modern art) stein was made ca. early 1900's by Merkelbach & Wick, purchased for retail by Bruder Thanhauser München and designed by unknown artist "CV". The verse and images on the stein tie this stein to the German Student Associations whose members considered themselves brothers, but there is more meaning of the phrase "Bruder Studio" than given in the translation below.

The phrase derives from the Latin "frater in studio", where Bruder is the German for frater, and studio is an abbreviated form of studiosus, an adjective meaning devoted to study or learning. The phrase was used as a greeting between students, not just between members of an association. It was also used as a descriptive phrase, usually derogatory, by non-students when speaking about students, similar to the way the phrase "Joe College" is used by Americans.

Bruder Studio was also celebrated in song, as seen by the sheet music shown on the right. Click on picture to read the song's lyrics.
Prost Bruder Studio To your health brother student.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown