~ Reichtum macht stets rastlos ~
This 2 L., etched stein by S.P. Gerz marked "1384", ca. 1900 appears to have socialist leanings of the period. In 1848 there was a socialist revolution in central Europe which was squelched by the aristocracy, but continued thru WWI. Many Germans came to the US at that time settling mainly in the Mid West, Texas and Milwaukee and were known as the 48ers. My own German ancestors came around Cape Horn by ship into San Francisco in the 1850's and were known as the 49ers on account of the discovery of gold in California, but might also have been influenced by the same revolution.
Reichtum macht stets rastlos
Nur der Armut gönnen die Götter Zufriedenheit.
Wealth always causes restlessness
Only (to) the poor do the gods grant contentment.
Translation: Roy De Selms/John Piet
Photo credit: Unknown