~ Vita brevis ars longa ~
This glazed and etched stein by Otto Hupp is the "Artist Occupational" stein marked with the Mettlach logo, mold number 2725 and dated 1901. The abbreviated verse on the lid inlay is in Latin and given a literal translation, but means "Life is brief and art long lasting." The phrase was apparently coined by Hippocrates, the ancient Greek father of "Medicine".This shield with three smaller shields embedded is the coat of arms of the old Munich Artists Society.
Vita brevis ars longa.
Das ist der Maler uraltes Wappen.
Short life lasting art.
That is the painter's ancient arms.

This stein is marked "VB 280 (18)90" and was decorated outside of the Mettlach factory.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown