~ a' Büchs' auf dem Rücken ~
This light relief, salt-glazed, stoneware stein is marked "4062 Made in Germany and RM in a circle" made by Reinhold Merkelbach shortly after WWII (see: Chris Wheeler's Stein Marks). The verse is in Bayrisch (Bavarian dialect) and shows a hunter greeting a young lady on his merry way to a hunt.
a' Büchs' auf dem Rücken,
a' Gamsbart am Hut,
a' Dirndl im Herzen
das macht frohen Mut
Jäger Gruss
a gun on the back,
a goat's beard (ornament) on the hat,
(and) a maiden in the heart
makes a happy mood.
Hunter's Greeting
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Unknown