~ Nicht Schon'res kann es auf der Welt ~
This porcelain stein with lithophane was made for members for a Cycling Club in Germany ca. 1890's (handle and body like 1899 regimental) and decorated by Hermann Böhme of Chemnitz, Saxony. The inscriptions on the center shield are: "Deutscher Radfahrer Bund" (German Cyclist's Club) and "All Heil" (Hail (or health) to all). The side scenes show a Penny Farthing or High Wheeler Bike and the phrase "Rad Heil" (ride healthy or hail bicycle riding). The text indicates that cycling was a healthy and sportsmanlike endeavor.
Nicht Schon'res kann es auf der Welt
für Menschenkinder geben
als in der Tasche etwas Geld
ein fröhlich Radfahrleben.
Das Amor Bundesmitglied ist
in jedem Radfahrorden
das weiß je jeder Bicyclist
und ist es drum geworden
Indeed nothing in the world
can be given to mankind's children,
but some money in the pocket
(and) a happy cyclist's life.
The devotion (of the) association member is
(found) in each cycling organization.
Every bicyclist knows that
and that's what it's all about.
Translation: Roy De Selms
Photo credit: Chris Wheeler