~ Wer weis' will werden ohne Müh ~
This stein was designed by Franz Ringer ca. early 1900's. It is a souvenier stein from the city of Nürnberg extolling one of the advantages of coming to Nürnberg. The funnel referred to is the Nürnberger Trichter (Nürnberg Funnel) a jocular description of a mechanical way of learning and teaching. The phrase is familiar in German-speaking countries and dates back to the 17th century. Also shown below is a 1910 Nuremberg poster stamp depicting the Nürnberg funnel in use.
Wer weis' will werden ohne Müh
der kanns alleine nur allhie
denn Nürnberg hat ein Trichterlein
womit weis'heit giesset ein.
Gruss aus Nürnberg
Whoever wants to become wise without effort
can only do it here
for Nürnberg has a little funnel
with which wisdom is poured in.
Greetings from Nürnberg
Conditoreiwaren Leonh. Teichmann
Zum Nürnberger Trichter
Firma besteht seit 1863
Fehlt dir's an Weisheit in manchen Dingen.
Lass dir von Nürnberg den Trichter bringen.

Confectionery Wares - Leonhard Teichmann
To the Nuremberg Funnel
Firm operating since 1863
If you are lacking knowledge in many things,
then let the Nuremberg Funnel bring them to you.

Note: Confectionery wares were the tools, like funnels, used in
making candies and other sweets (confections).
Translation credit: Bruce Malchow
Photo credit: Rich Stattler