Book Review
“The Character Steins of Schierholz”   by Steve Morris

reviewed by Rich Cress

This new 11” x 8 1/2” spiral-bound book is in full color and includes “everything you ever wanted to know” about Schierholz steins.

This labor of love is more than 100 pages of pure delight for the fans of character steins. And it also just may inspire non-character stein collectors to begin collecting Schierholz. Every known Schierholz character stein is featured in large photos, all in full color, printed on nice, heavy paper. I know that you’ll be very pleased with the quality of this book.

You will find steins that, likely, you have never seen before, even if you are an advanced collector of character steins, including the Seated Lion, the Student Bull Dog, the Owl with a Carnival Hat, Karoline (not Caroline), and many, many more. All of the color variations are shown. And, very importantly, prices are provided for each stein. While I’m not personally a huge collector of character steins, I knew right away that this was a must-have book for my reference library. When I’m out “stein hunting,” I want to know which ones I might find are rare, and also know about current prices. The cost of this book ($65.00, including shipping) can easily be recouped with the purchase of a single Shierholtz character stein. To order, either send a check to Steve Morris, or drop him a line at