All subscribers/members of Stein Collectors International have access to digital versions of Prosit. These documents are in pdf format, and may be downloaded and saved on any personal storage device capable of displaying pdf files.

The project of converting back issues of Prosit to digital form was initiated many years ago, and it has proceeded slowly. Bob Lindstrom made a huge contribution by scanning thousands of pages of Prosit which provided the starting point for the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process.

About these back issue eProsits: Recently published issues, for which original source materials were available, have high confirmance to the original paper version of Prosit. Older issues were produced from page scans and an imperfect process involving extensive scanning and optical character recognition. The primary advantage of the OCR process is its conversion of text images to text characters which can be searched or cut and pasted. However, stray marks, hole punches or damage on the pages being scanned produce a faulty input for the OCR process. Fancy layouts, unusual text fonts, special characters or symbols, and borders are not handled well by OCR, and font size and text formatting are sometimes interpreted incorrectly. And, although many typos or misspellings in the original publications have been corrected, others will have slipped through. For that reason, you will find some errors and oddities in reading those issues. Proofing is an ongoing effort. You can help by contacting the webmaster to point out specific errors you encounter. Corrections will be prioritized by the impact to understanding the material, and will be made on a time available basis.