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Notes to Prosit Contributors ~

If you are thinking about writing an article for Prosit, we thank you! The following are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  • Compose articles on a computer using only standard fonts, e.g., Arial (preferred), Helvetica, Times New Roman, etc. If your article requires the use of special fonts, please contact the editor.
  • Do not attempt to embed photo images in the text, keep text and photos separate.
  • If the article is not written in Microsoft Word, please save it as a "text only" file, or paste the text into an email. Send both a hard copy and a disk, or you can e-mail.
  • Refer to your photos, illustrations, etc. as figure 1, figure 2, etc. As appropriate, place numbered captions for illustrations at the end of your article.
  • When using German words, italicize and define the word the first time it's used, but not thereafter.
  • German nouns should be capitalized.
  • The word Prosit should be italicized when referring to the magazine.
  • The preferred form of emphasis is italics, used sparingly. Do not use underlines or bold typeface.


  • Photos may be submitted either as photo prints, or in digital form.
  • Do not paste or tape photo prints onto your article, or on any other paper. Do not use paper clips to attach photos to your article, as the photos may be creased during mailing.
  • Do not crop either digital or printed photos, as this can place constraints on the layout of your article, and cropping is easily accomplished by the editor to suit his layout purposes.
  • Prosit is printed at a resolution of 300 dots-per-inch (dpi). Printing a photo to fit in one column of Prosit requires that the subject of a digital photo be approximately 700 pixels wide, well within the range of all of today's digital cameras. The subject of a printed photo should be two inches wide or wider.
  • If you do any digital photo editing (e.g., to brighten an image or increase contrast), be sure that when you save it you use the highest quality settings of your software.
  • Photos from the internet are very often of such low resolution that they cannot be used. Sometimes higher resolution versions of the same image can be found.
  • If you scan photos from a printed source, please scan at 300 dpi.
  • Digital photos can be sent on disk, or as attachments to email. Do not cut-and-paste a photo into the body of an email, since such photos are often automatically reduced in resolution.
  • Do not write on the back of your photos with a felt-tip pen, as the ink can be permanently transferred to the front of other photos. Use a regular ball-point pen or pencil, but write very lightly on the backs in a corner or margin, so your writing doesn't show through on the front side.
  • Printed photos will be returned upon request. However, do not send your only existing set, as they may be accidentally lost or destroyed.
Articles will not be considered for publication until all of the pieces are submitted, including all text, photos, illustrations, etc.

The editorial deadline for Prosit is two months prior to the issue date. For example, the deadline for the December issue is October 1. However, because we like to have our Editorial Advisory Board review articles whenever possible, try to submit your article as early as you can.

The Editor of Prosit shall make the final decision whether or when to publish any submitted material. He shall also decide on placement of such material within the pages of Prosit. He will also have, without exception, the right to edit submitted material as he sees fit. Any material submitted with specific requests for no editing may be accepted or rejected at the Editor's option.

Articles should be sent to the editor of Prosit, either as attachments to email or via regular mail. Click here to send email. The PO address is

Ron Fox, Editor of Prosit
PO Box 4069
Vallejo, CA 94590