SCI eProsit and Dues Changes

Important Announcements!

  • ePrositEffective immediately all subscribers/members may access Prosit electronically via links in the Members Home page. Read Prosit on any laptop, desktop, notepad computer or smartphone which is capable of reading pdf files. Issues can be downloaded, and you can build a portable library of eProsit. There is no additional fee for this.
  • eProsit subscriptions available now! Subscribers/members who forgo a printed subscription in favor of eProsit qualify for a special reduced subscription rate (see below).
  • Effective March 1, 2018: Subscribers/members who wish to receive a printed copy of Prosit will be subject to a new price structure which acknowledges the added costs of printing and mailing.

Unfortunately, financial pressures have necessitated an increase in subscription fees for print subscriptions. The increase is $10 per year, although discounts for multi-year subscriptions continue to apply. At the same time, we are pleased to include a digital version of Prosit for all subscribers, and those who choose to receive a digital-only subscription will benefit from reduced costs.

Prosit Subscriptions/Renewals  US Address  Canada/Mexico  Overseas
 One year digital subscription $25 $25 $25
 Three year digital subscription $65 $65 $65
 Effective March 1, 2018!
 One year print subscription (includes digital)  $45 $50 $55
 Three year print subscription (includes digital) $125 $135 $145

For new subscribers: Take advantage of the lower rates for the digital edition, eProsit. Or, if you prefer to receive printed copies of Prosit, subscribe now before the price increases take effect.

For current subscribers/members: Your existing subscription to the printed version of Prosit will continue. When your current subscription expires, you will be able to choose to renew for either the digital or print edition of Prosit. Keep in mind that you will be able to access eProsit even if you continue to receive the print edition.