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Boy Scout Earns Merit Badge

March 2002 - from Todd Beckendorff

Todd, son of Lawrence & Pam Beckendorff, is a First Class Boy Scout in Troop 1224. The Troop is a part of the Sam Houston Area Council, Mustang District and is sponsored by the First United Methodist Church in Katy, Texas.

 One of the requirements to obtain a Boy Scout  "Communications" merit badge is to give a five minute talk on any topic.  To meet the requirements, Todd chose to speak about antique beer steins.

For demonstration purposes, he brought steins from his dad's collection and also some from his own. Todd did a great job talking about the history of steins and then talking about each stein that was displayed. All of his fellow scouts listened attentively and couldn't believe how old some of the steins were. Several of the adults present were equally interested.
Todd did an excellent job giving his talk and he is really getting into collecting... Just ask his Dad!