Stein Collectors International
Show and Tell

Three Dimensional Stags
by  Ken Stroud
Over the past couple years I have been lucky enough to come across three steins that I think everyone will enjoy viewing. They all feature a stag head protruding out of the side of the stein in raised relief. (See close up images at the bottom.) The theme for all of them is naturally some form of the hunt. The first one on the left has three heads sticking out around the base--a boar, a stag, and a deer with a image of St. Hubert in the middle. He is on bended knee before the image of the stag with a cross between it's antlers as God spoke to him to repent. It is numbered 1774 on the base.

The middle stein has a stag in what appears in the rut surrounded by does (or hinds). It also features a neat stag horn handle. It is numbered 1525 and has the initials RD surrounded by a heart outline "carved" into the tree by the handle. A nice humorous touch!

The stein on the right features a central stag head with a very full rack jutting out of the stein near the top. It is a known unmarked JW Remy design featuring Diana, goddess of the hunt with her hounds. This is is a multi-color version of the stein featured as the September 2009 stein of the month.

As a group, I would say these are my favorites, and if I had three steins to keep it would be these.