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In Search of Faience

April 2002 - Crailsheim, Germany

Being a long-time lover of faience pottery, I was more than happy to be able to make a special stop in Crailsheim during our recent trip to Europe. Funny how we get things set in our mind as to how things "should be" and get a real shock when we see how things "really are."
I had thought that Crailsheim would be a small, but lively, town filled with little stores that sold pottery and such. Yes it was small, but where were the people bustling to and fro? The town was almost devoid of life.

My husband stepped into a few shops to inquire if there might be any place to see some faience pottery. Finally, one man suggested that we stop by a small museum located on the outskirts of town.

We stopped by the museum - it was closed. Thankfully, a woman who was helping other folks set up a modern art exhibit in the main hall of this tiny old building, said that we could have a look around.

There were a few pieces of faience tucked in small alcoves upstairs and some in the basement. Even though there wasn't much to see, what was sitting there was quite nice. It was more than a bit amusing for the locals who were watching us. Guess it was strange to see long-distance travelers who really wanted to see antique art of their region.

We are truly thankful for the kindness shown to us in letting us view their Crailsheim faience. Seeing the real thing is definitely a rewarding experience!

-Ginger Gehres, member SCI & the Carolina Steiners