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Over 50 Years of Collecting Steins

October 2002 - From Ed DeLong, LCDR USN (Ret.)

I am a new member of SCI whose stein collection has its roots in the 1950s during my military service. The two photos below show some of the steins in my collection.

The stein second from left above was presented by a captain in the Dutch Navy. His family had owned the stein since 1930. The six steins to the right of that one were all presented to me by members of the German navy in 1950 when we were recommissioning German wooden coal-burning minesweepers for the Labor Service Unit which was in response to East Germany's People's Navy. The skull was purchased in Heidelberg, again in 1950.

The steins shown below are more recent acquisitions, as I try to add one or two steins to my collection with each trip to Germany.