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Steins in Library Delight Visitors

November 2000  - from Pat Leners

I just discovered and joined SCI this summer, along with my daughter who is also interested in steins. One of the delights of the SCI site was seeing the library display story in Show and Tell. A few days later, I noticed that the display case at our local library was empty. A few words later with the person in charge, and I was setting up a selection of my steins that same afternoon.

It entailed a couple hours of work, but the chance to share with the public the beauty of these rare old pieces made it all worth the trouble. The librarian asked to have the steins on display for 2 months, rather than the customary term of one, to last through part of October. With the largely German-descent population of Minnesota, Oktoberfest month brings many celebrations with food, drink, and Gemutlichkeit!

Printed cards were added, with a few sentences about each type of stein, such as engraved glass, Mettlach, brewery, lithophane, etc., and displayed two of the more interesting lithophane types on their sides, pointed toward a sunny window at eye level for easy viewing. The librarian added a copy of "Antique Steins" on the bottom shelf to direct interest to the library's stock of books on the subject.

The steins made a striking display that would have been irresistible to any casual visitor with an eye for beauty, whether or not there was an interest or knowledge of steins. I'd like to encourage any SCI member to investigate their own library facilities as to suitability for a stein display. Let's show everyone why we find this hobby so fascinating!