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 Prized Stein - Gift from Old Friend

May 2001 - from Alice Oakley

Dear Webmaster, I saw Les Paul's "Largest Collection of Steins in the US" (COL 905 episode of HGTV's "Collectible Treasures) recently. I found you on the Internet, but since I cannot email at present, I am mailing a photo of my one and only stein. If you would like to put it on your page, you will need a story!

The stein was given to a British soldier billeted on a German family during the 1914-18 war. He brought it home to his Parisian wife who lived in London when I knew her as an elderly widow. She gave me the stein because I admired it so, as a parting gift, when I came to the US in '77.

Underneath: METTLACH 2903, 19 and 04 is impressed in the stoneware. The lid is mounted in pewter and the design is, of course, Art Nouveau. It stands 7 1/2" high and is in perfect condition.

Editor's comments: This stein, produced in 1904, has noticeable characteristics of the artistic changes brought about by the Jugendstil, or Art Nouveau, movement: the design is simplified, geometric and repeating, the upright stalks evoking a plant form, while purpose and tradition are acknowledged by the wheat motif below the rim.