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The "maxlugar" Collection

April 2003 - from maxlugar

Hi everyone at SCI.

I was just washing my collection of steins tonight and thought I should take a picture of some of my favorites while I had them out on the basement bar drying. I've been collecting for about ten years now and really love it. Thank God for this web site. It is so great to be able to ask a question in Stein Talk and get it answered so fast!

Anyway, my pride and joy is the giant stein in the middle. I had been seeing it in the window of this junk store in Manhattan where I work and after a few weeks I broke down and bought it. The picture doesn't come close to showing how nicely painted it is. A real work of art. My other favorite is the Navy Cap stein (white body, in the middle at the right). It has a nice lithophane as well. A great story about that one is I bought it at lunch time on a Friday in some antique store and that night after work I went out bar hoping with some friends. I think I must have forgotten it at three bars and had to keep going back to get it. Finally I lost it for good and the next morning I was kind of like "oh well it was just a $20 dollar stein". Then I started thumbing through The Beer Stein Book and there it was! And it was listed with a value of $450 bucks! Needless to say I called every bar I was at and found someone who put it aside. I picked it up that day and still laugh when I look at it. I have no idea if it is a fake or not but that stein has some history to me.

Well thanks for everything SCI. I can't wait to add some character steins to my collection.  I really love the skull on the book steins.  If anyone every wants to unload one let me know!