Stein Collectors International Officers

Executive Director, Eric Salzano, appointed 2023,

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President Ron Fox, Elected 2023.

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1st Vice-President, Conventions – John Kelly. Appointed 2023.
A resident of Central North Carolina, John Kelly joined SCI in 1994 and attended his first convention in New Orleans that year. He received his first convention stein there and since then has collected convention steins and those with a connection to the Carolinas. After attending that first convention, he worked with other individuals to establish the Carolina Steiners chapter. He served as chapter secretary and newsletter editor for 15 years, giving up that position to serve as chapter president. He chaired the convention committee for the highly successful SCI convention in Myrtle Beach, S.C. in 2010. Meanwhile, he served as chapter development and support officer of SCI. During his tenure two new chapters were formed. He has also served as secretary of SCI and vice president of membership of SCI. After a hiatus of four years, during which he served as a national executive officer of Sertoma, Inc., a service organization, John returns to the executive committee of SCI as vice president of membership. He is a grateful recipient of the Jack Heiman Service Award.

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2nd Vice-President, Membership – Frank Glazer. Elected 2023.

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Chief Financial Officer, Celia Clark. Elected 2019.


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Secretary, Chris Gatz, Appointed 2023

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Editor of Prosit, Steve Breuning. Elected 2015, re-elected 2017, re-elected 2019, appointed 2021, appointed 2023.

Dr. Steve Breuning is now (June 2023) in his eighth year as Editor of Prosit. He has been seriously collecting steins for about 9 years with a focus on hunting and shooting related themes, although like most of us, he also has steins in many other areas. Steve is a member of Michisteiners and is very pleased top be able to provide his services in support of our Prosit readers.

Other than antique steins, Steve’s two other main activities of life (outside of work and family) are big game hunting and medieval history. In addition to our SCI, Steve serves on the Board of Directors of another SCI – Safari Club International (Detroit Chapter).

Steve works full time as a Psychologist, business consultant, and college Professor teaching Introduction to Leadership & Organizational Management.

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Director of Internet Activities, position currently open

Walt Vogdes is currently acting as our webmaster until we are able to identify and elect a new Director Of Internet Activities.

Walt has been associated with SCI’s website for most of its history, and has authored many articles appearing in the Reading Room and in the Stein of the Month series. He is a member of Pacific Stein Sammler.

Attn: Chapter Newsletter Editors: Send a copy of each newsletter to the to have it added to the website.

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Membership Database Manager, Tom Levenson, elected 2022
Tom Levenson has been a member of Stein Collectors International since 1996. He is also the current chapter President of the Pittsburgh Stein Society and has been since 2019. Before that, Tom served as the chapter’s Vice President and Secretary. He is also the current Editor of the Pittsburgh Stein Society News, a monthly publication which is sent out to all members of the chapter. The main focus of Tom’s stein collection is Occupational Steins but he also has several Schierholz & Sohn military character steins. Tom has written articles for Prosit magazine which told of his excitement and disappointment in bidding on steins in recent auctions. As Membership Data Base Manager, Tom maintains all membership records, generates the mailing list for each issue of Prosit, and works with other officers of SCI to support them with membership data and reports. Tom is a lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, PA and has enjoyed the hobby of stein collecting since 1995.

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Chapter Development Support Officer, Walter Swett, elected 2022.
Walter has been collecting steins since 1977 and has been a member of SCI since 2004. He was instrumental in forming the Dixie Steiners in 2010 and is currently the Chapter President. As of his election, Walter has had an article appear in Stein of the Month and has had eight others published in Prosit. He was a Breakout speaker at the 2021 SCI Convention speaking on Oktoberfest Steins, a topic he has presented several times in person and via Zoom chapter meetings. Walter setup and administers the Facebook Page of the Dixie Steiners and has produced four videos relating to The Dixie Steiners and Stein collecting. Although Walter has an eclectic collection, his interests and sub-collections include historic and contemporary Oktoberfest, brewery, Cold War, and Franz Ringer steins.

The Chapter Development and Support Officer is responsible to the Executive Director. The officer shall be an ex officio member of all chapters, with the privileges of membership accorded per individual chapter policy. He shall receive all chapter newsletters, event announcements, etc. as published. He will act as liaison between the chapters and SCI, providing the chapters any necessary support. The officer will work with or seek out SCI members to establish new chapters.

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Director, SCI Research Library and Museum, Harry Gruss

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Ethics Committee Chair, Pat Jahn (appointed position) Email Pat!

Bylaws & Standing Rules Chair, Roy Kellogg (appointed position) Email Roy!

Parliamentarian, Fred Irtz (appointed position) Email Fred!