Stein Collectors International Officers

Eric SalzanoExecutive Director, Eric Salzano, elected 2016
I am honored and humbled to serve as Executive Director of SCI, and to be working with an incredibly talented and dedicated SCI team. First I would like to thank Fred Ellis, for his efforts and hard work, guiding SCI through some difficult times. And Johnsamuel Coleman, Sidney Schwartz and the Thirsty knights are congratulated on a most successful 2016 convention. The Corning Museum was an unbelievable treat. In 2017 I hope to meet many more of you in the second week of July in Chicago.Looking forward to the coming year there are several important issues. We want to stabilize and increase our membership, strengthen our chapters, and improve our website. We need to be flexible, and responsive to our members and their needs. SCI also needs to be viable from a financial prospective. Our publication Prosit, will continue to deliver fantastic articles and information for our members.SCI belongs to you, the collector, you know the joy and fun of collecting. Many of you have spent thousand of hours researching, documenting, and writing articles…. On behalf of myself and the entire SCI team, we all look forward to working to the best of our ability, and making our hobby, and all of our experiences, the best they can be.

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sci_outline_logo_large_transparentPresident Mike Whited, elected xxxx

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sci_outline_logo_large_transparent1st Vice-President, Conventions – Charles Hill

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johnkelly2nd Vice-President, Membership – John Kelly

John Kelly is a native of Lillington, N.C., joining SCI in 1994. John is a charter member of the Carolina Steiners, as well as past president, secretary, treasurer and newsletter editor. John is a former Chapter Development and Support Officer as well as a past Secretary of SCI, and is the current Vice President for Membership of SCI. He is a Recipient of the Jack Heimann Award in 2011. John’s collecting interests focus upon: SCI convention steins; steins or go-withs having a connection to North Carolina, and character steins.

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Bruce BurnerChief Financial Officer, Bruce Burner

As a small child Bruce was fascinated with his father’s collection, which had been acquired in the 1930’s in Milwaukee. He particularly liked a tall 2.5 L stein with 3 knights and a castle lid. This stein and the rest of his father’s collection now sit proudly among Bruce’s extensive and diverse collection. Bruce began his own collection in 1984 when he joined the Sun Steiners. the Florida Chapter of SCI. His collection is very diverse and is aimed at acquiring examples of every type and manufacturer possible. On the modern side, it includes Budweiser and modern Character steins. Bruce’s collection of “Go-withs” include tobacco jars and German glassware.

Bruce’s career has been in the Cruise Industry working landside in various Financial and Executive positions with Norwegian and Carnival Cruise Lines. He is originally a Chemical Engineer and is a CPA and CFP. Bruce retired in 2012 and now enjoys traveling the world in search of that perfect stein.

Bruce’s career had not allowed him to actively participate in SCI but has felt a need to give back and support our club. In 2012, he agreed to serve as Chief Financial Officer. He enjoys the many friends he has made and the knowledge gained through their support.

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sci_outline_logo_large_transparentSecretary, Emily Maceira, elected 2016

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SteveEditor of Prosit, Steve Breuning

Dr. Steve Breuning is our new Editor of Prosit. He has been seriously collecting steins for about 8 years with a focus on hunting and shooting related themes. Although like most of us, he also has steins in many other areas. Steve is a member of Michisteiners and is very excited about his opportunity to be a more active member in SCI.

Other than antique steins, Steve’s two other main activities of life (outside of work and family) are big game hunting and medieval history. In addition to our SCI, Steve serves on the Board of Directors of another SCI – Safari Club International (Detroit Chapter).

Steve works full time as a Psychologist, business consultant, and college Professor teaching Introduction to Leadership & Organizational Management.

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Director of Internet Activities, position currently open

Walt Vogdes is currently acting as our webmaster until we are able to identify and elect a new Director Of Internet Activities.

Walt has been associated with SCI’s website for most of its history, and has authored many articles appearing in the Reading Room and in the Stein of the Month series. He is a member of Pacific Stein Sammler

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johnstrassbergerMembership Database Manager, John Strassberger

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dickskaggsChapter Development Support Officer, Dick Skaggs

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lynayersDirector, SCI Research Library and Museum, Lyn Ayers

My first stein was acquired in 1967 while I was stationed in Germany. It was an etched Merkelbach & Wick piece with no lid, several cracks and a 1″ chip on the base, but only cost 2DM or about $.50. It had 2 dwarfs tapping a large keg and was very intriguing. That began an unexpected quest that has lasted almost 50 years. (I still have that stein.)

During my early collecting years I sought steins I liked per the advice of many experienced collectors, but then I realized I liked too many so had to narrow my focus. I ended up narrowing down to only one manufacturer: J W Remy. I liked their etched steins and there was little competition so they could be had at reasonable prices. For the past 10 years I have been digging into the history of the company with the aim of gaining insight into this stein company that covered more than 100 years of production.

Personally, I spent 3 years in Germany during Vietnam, went to college on the GI Bill, got married, and went into industry as a technical sales engineer until encouraged retirement (meaning laid-off) in 2002. Since then I have been involved in several local organizations include SCI as the Librarian, which gives me a lot of additional insight into our hobby and its history. I have met many wonderful folks in my 30 years in SCI, and plan to continue as long as I am able!

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Ethics Committee Chair, Pat Jahn (appointed position) Email Pat!

Bylaws & Standing Rules Chair, Roy Kellogg (appointed position) Email Roy!