Stein of the Month: August 2001

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~ A Jugendstil Stein
by Paul Wynand ~

This one-liter stein, designed by Paul Wynand, was produced by the firm of Reinhold Merkelbach, Grenzhausen, during the Jugendstil period (approx. 1901 - 1920). R. Merkelbach employed two different brown glazes during this period, a honey-brown glaze evoking the glaze treatment of earlier pieces from Köln (hence the glaze was called kölnisch braun) and the glaze shown here, a warm brown color with dark brown or black speckling (the so-called braun geflammt, or flamed brown, glaze). This piece is further decorated with a chain-like design in relief. This glaze effect was achieved by firing in an oxygen-rich environment, allowing the impurities in the clay to darken irregularly.

This piece, form 2112, was produced in both half-liter and one-liter sizes.

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