Stein of the Month: March 2002

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~ A Mettlach Look-Alike by Matthias Girmscheid ~

submitted by member Ron Gray

This 1-liter stein by the firm of Matthias Girmscheid is notable not only for its quality and artistic appeal, but for its distinct similarity to Mettlach cameo steins. While not a direct copy, it certainly has the same style and feel.

The base is clearly marked with incised form number (1846) and the Girmscheid two-story house mark. The front scene (shown at right) is of a poacher being caught with a rabbit by the game warden. To the left we see an elk and to the right a hunting dog, both scenes framed with a hunting bag and ducks. Geese fly around the top border, while dogs chase a deer in the bottom frieze band. The inlaid lid is of a rabbit.

Despite clear differences in design, the Mettlach cameo which comes immediately to mind is #2530, the Boar Hunt stein, by Stahl.


Thanks for sharing this with us, Ron!

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