Stein of the Month: June 2002

~ A Rare HR Character Stein ~
article and photos by SCI Master Steinologist John McGregor

This is a Freising/HR, 1/2 Liter, blue and grey saltglaze, character stein over-painted in full color. This piece was originally manufactured in Freising prior to 1882 when Hans Reuther joined the firm and the Hauber factory became the HR (Hauber und Reuther) factory.

After Hans Reuther joined the firm a number changes took place. One of those changes was that a number of unsold, previously manufactured, blue and grey stoneware pieces were over-painted in full color, given an HR mark and a new model number.

The original model number is 97 and the new HR model number is 35. There are only about a dozen, full color, HR character steins known to exist.

Base markings show the original marks applied by the Hauber factory of Freising, and the later marks added by the HR firm when the stein was over-painted.
Side view of the full color character stein.
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The full color version by HR.
The original blue-grey saltglaze version produced by the Hauber factory of Freising.

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