Stein of the Month: January 2002

~ Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur (KPM) ~
article and photos by SCI Master Steinologist John McGregor

This 1/2 liter porcelain stein was manufactured by Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur (KPM, or Royal Porcelain Manufacture) in Berlin ca.1845. While it appears to be made of a reddish-brown clay, it is actually porcelain of an almost olive-grey color that was then given a glaze to make it appear reddish-brown.

The interior has a clear glaze which reveals the true color of the porcelain. After being glazed in this color, enamel decoration in two-tone blue and white was applied.

I know of one other piece like this, it has a white bisque body, and lid insert, decorated in purple and gold. That piece has silver mounts, while these are pewter.

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This lovely stein with enameled decoration was made ca. 1845 by the Königliche Porzellanmanufaktur, or KPM, Berlin. Note the very nice relief inlaid lid (left) as well as the nicely decorated handle (below).

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