Stein of the Month: December 2002

A Jugendstil-Era Pewter Stein
With Repouseť Details

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This Jugendstil-era stein is filled with the flowing, decorative nuances of the artistic period which became popular in the late 1800's. "Jugendstil" actually means "youth style" or "young style" by definition.

This style was a movement away from the traditional style of design that had been so popular in the past. Smooth, curvilinear lines, abstract design and organic themes were the main thrust of this stylistic movement.

The pewter stein pictured is floral in nature and it's lines flow smoothly around the surface. The "A" and "B" inscribed in the center are the initials of the receiver. These initials, stylistically, are also a bit avant-garde for the time.

An added touch to this creative piece of artwork is the repouseť metal work that makes the flowers almost come to life. "Repouseť" is a way to give three-dimensional depth to metal by hammering the surface of the pewter from the inside.

An inscription on the lid states that the stein was given as a gift on May 13, 1906. A nice gift indeed!


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