Stein of the Month: November 2002

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Pottery Stein
With An Unusual Lid

Sometimes, a stein shows up that makes you think, "What were these people thinking when they created this stein?"

This small, 1/8 litre pottery stein is topped with a strange-looking lid. The finial is stretched to a height that, when opened, offsets the balance of the krug. The raised design on the body is glazed in a cream color and is augmented with black and brown details. The words, "Hopfen und Maltz, Gott erhalt's" is a colloquialized saying which translates loosely to "Hops and Malt, May God Preserve Them."

Is it a child's stein? Even though it is quite small in size, it would be a bit difficult for a child to use without dropping - or spilling - the contents inside. There are no markings on this unusual piece except for a faint, impressed number "322" under the glaze. It is thought to be an early 20th century piece.

This small treasure is the property of SCI member Joachim Gehres

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