Stein of the Month: December 2003

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~ A Christmas Tree Stein ~

contributed by SCI member Ron Gray

I present you with three steins for the December Stein of the Month. The musical Christmas tree steins, one in white and one in green, were made by Werner Corzelius in a limited numbered edition of 5,000 each. The music, of course, is Der Tannenbaum. Since they state they were made in Germany, they were probably made after 1990. These steins, along with my Santa Claus stein, are the only ones my wife allows me to take out of my den, once a year, for the whole month of December.

Werner Corzelius GmbH is another of the many stein companies in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. (Click here to visit their web site.) The Corzelius name for a pottery came about when August Josef Corzelius took over his father-in-law’s business in 1878. The firm only produced standard pottery for over 70 years. When Werner Corzelius took over the business in 1950, production was shifted to modern earthenware.

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