Stein of the Month: February 2003

Heinrich Schlitt's
"The Dwarf in a Nest"

The half-liter "etched" stein to the right is form number 2134 by V&B Mettlach, the dwarf in a nest. This stein is one of a pair designed by Heinrich Schlitt, the other (form 2133) showing a dwarf or gnome in a tree. These steins were also made in 0.3-liter size, and similar designs appear on plaques 2112 and 2113. Schlitt is especially well known for his whimsical, sometimes comical depictions of the little people.

The inlaid lid on this stein features a rooster about to let loose as the sun rises, no doubt expecting to rouse a dwarf who has taken his comfort the night before from two large steins of beer! The thumblift completes the dwarf theme.

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