Stein of the Month: July 2005

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A Hand-painted
Hauber & Reuther Stein

article and photos by
SCI Master Steinologist John McGregor

The August Saeltzer workshop purchased blanks from a number of factories, two of them were the Regensburg and Freising factories. However, both of those factories produced enameled wares of their own, Regensburg a few, Freising many. The 1/2 liter, #184, Hauber & Reuther, stoneware stein shown in this article was produced in Freising and enameled sometime between 1882 and 1886. The painting on this piece is a variation of an Eduard Grutzner painting.

Eduard Grutzner was born at Gross Carlowitz, Silsia, May 26 1846. Although Grutzner was nine years younger than Franz von Defregger, he was also a pupil of the Munich Academy and of Piloty. He devoted himself to humorous genre, and gained great success with his scenes from Shakespeare. Most, if not all, of the images of Falstaff we see on beer steins are taken from Grutzner's work. Later, the amusing sides of monastic life became his primary theme. He did a series titled "Kloister Kitchens" between 1884 and 1888. Grutzner's paintings usually portray small groups of 2 to 5 people.

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