Stein of the Month: April 2005

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Another Stein by August Saeltzer
article and photos by
SCI Master Steinologist John McGregor

The November 2001 Stein of the Month, was another Saeltzer decorated Freising piece. That piece was marked "FT" for Fritz Thenn and was manufactured between 1877 and 1886.

Like the Freising factory that went through three ownership changes in its first six years of operation, the Regensburg factory went through two, in its first three years of operation.

The Regensburg factory was founded in 1874 as Borho, Zinkl and Co. That would be Maximillian Borho, August Zinkl and Rudolf Thaler, Zinkl's brother-in-law and the "and Co." portion of the firm. In 1875, Borho sold his share in the company to Gustav Friedrich "Fritz" Thenn and moved on to Freising. In 1877, Thenn bought out Zinkl and Thaler and the factory became the Fritz Thenn Co.

This month's stein is marked with a conjoined "ZT" for Zinkl, Thenn and Co. and was manufactured between 1875 and 1877. It carries a 153 model number.

The verse reads: "Mässig trinken Lieder singen Half von je zu guten Dingen," which means: "Drinking moderately (and) singing songs has always brought good things."

After these pieces were decorated, the Saeltzer workshop returned them to the Regensburg factory where they were distributed through one of their own outlets.

Above is a photo catalog card from Josef Laifle, one of the Regensburg distributors, showing five shelves full of Saeltzer decorated pieces.

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