Stein of the Month: August 2006

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~~~ Krebs ~~~
A Scarce Manufacturer's Mark

Article and photos by
SCI Master Steinologist John McGregor

The I.H.Krebs factory of Valendar and Höhr was founded in 1841. Among other things, they manufactured "gepresste Kännchen," or so-called "Regensburg" steins, and may have been the first to do so. Unlike the other factories that manufactured these steins, Krebs applied nicely stylized handles. I have four Krebs pieces and each has a different style handle.

This particular stein was manufactured ca.1850. It has a matching inlaid lid with a verse. However, the first word of the verse is covered by the thumblift and the rest doesn't make much sense, so I will forego any attempt on my own part to do so.

The Krebs factory mark, seen below, is a pictorial representation of the word Krebs, one of whose meanings is crayfish.

In 1868 the daughter of I.H.Krebs, Maria Josefa, married Reinhold Hanke. After Hanke's death in 1886, she ran the factory until her son August was ready to take over the reins.

I have been unable to determine how long the Krebs factory was in operation, or where in Höhr it was located.

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