Featured Stein: June 2010
~ Socialist Stein  ~
by  David Vandergriff
Socialist steins are relatively rare because they were taboo during the Nazi period. If you took one of these into a bar at that time, you would be lucky to leave with your life still intact. This was largely because those in power in Germany had seen what had befallen Russia at the hands of the Bolsheviks and communism, the extreme, radical form of socialism, and didn’t want any part of it. This is a little enigmatic because the party in power was the Nazi Party, Nationalsocialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Worker’s Party). I suspect that most of these were secreted away and mostly in Eastern Germany after WWII and just have been appearing again after the reunification of Germany.

This stein has some of the classic socialist symbols: the clasped hands, the red banner, the wreathe signifying victory (not made of Laurel, but of Oak leaves symbolic of Germany), and the small gold sun bringing light to a dark world.
 The verse tells the rest of the story.
Wohlan wer Recht und Wahrheit achtet,
zu unsrer Fahne steh’ zu Hauf,
wenn auch die Lüg uns noch umnachtet,
bald steigt der Morgen hell herauf-!

Whoever boldly heeds right and truth,
stands together in mass by our flag,
(and) if he also recognizes the lie to us as deranged,
(he) will soon (see) the morning light rise from below-!
The stein is named on the lid to “Dr. Vogel” and has the mark of Merkelbach & Wick Grenzhausen 1880 to 1921, and was made in the middle of that period.

Earlier articles on socialist steins have appeared in Prosit in 2002-2003 and March 2009.
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