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~ The Two Designs of Mettlach #2649 ~
By Master Steinologist, Steve Steigerwald
Mettlach made an assortment of Beer Taps. The most prevalent design on the taps was the Die Kannenburg design found on 1/2 and 1 liter form 2580 steins and the 4.2 liter master stein. In Beer Taps the design appears on form numbers 2649, 2672 and 2684.

Form 2649 is a 19 inch tall tap. As can be seen in the accompanying photographs, the design on the Beer tap and master stein are very similar, the main difference being the writing in the banner to the left lower front of the master stein

(Note that this writing does not appear in the form 2580 steins).
The form 2649 Die Kannenberg Beer Tap pictured was made in 1910. By 1916, however, the design on the tap had changed from the etched Die Kannenburg design to a relief design of a gentleman in a top hat, and formal coat with a rather lascivious smile holding a stein in one hand and a radish in the other (front) and 2 woman serving 5 liter mugs of beer (to the right of the main figure) and a roasted bird on a tray (to the left of the center design). The three people shown on the newer design are separated by columns with a serving stein pictured in the top and base of each. The rear panel, which would be facing the bar tender, is left blank. Apparently they felt that the bar tender had no need to be entertained by the design. The designs in the upper band where the holes for the tap are located and the base are identical in every way except coloring. The vivid colors of the Die Kannenburg tap are missing from the later design. Based on the year of manufacture, it is likely that cost played a role in changing the design. However, why not change the form number? I guess, like the steins where the form number was changed, we will never have the answer.

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