Featured Stein: June 2012
~ Mettlach 1069 ~
By Justin Pimentel

Like many of us, when I started collecting, Mettlach steins were the holy grail of wares. As I graduated through my collecting experience, Mettlachs became the pinnacle of my collecting aspirations. After circulating hundreds of them through my collection, they are no longer the focus of my collecting these days. However, I still hold a number of these pieces as no one can argue that they are some of the finest pottery steins.

Mettlach 1069 is no exception. In fact, this stein has everything I love about Mettlach wares, as well as having a few unique features. Although I’m not sure the stein really has a central motif or theme, it really does have some great qualities. Rather than try to describe these things in a loosely constructive narrative, a list of features may work better.
1. The “geometric” pattern around the body of the stein is very attractive

2. The pottery “prunts” around the body – they literally make the stein pop!

3. The often confused brewery symbol that is reminiscent of the Star of David, which is not confusing on this stein because of the inscribed beer stein within the star.

4. The gargoyle handle base – Mettlach has made other steins with “figural” handles, but the gargoyle on this piece is pretty unique.

5. THE NIGHTWATCHMAN INLAY! – There are other Mettlach pieces that have figural lids, but this particular figure has some great detail right down to the turret.
I could probably list more about the great features of this piece, but it really speaks for itself. This piece doesn’t come up for sale too often, and I count myself fortunate to have found one. It is certainly a unique Mettlach ware, and would fit well in any collection.

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