Featured Stein: January 2013
~ Viel Glück ~
By Bill Gee & Terry Hill


Most of us are familiar with the symbolism of the monkey and the cat, and the unpleasant results they bring.

On the pleasant side is the pig (or Schwein), the symbol of good luck. The text "Viel Glueck (Glück)" translates to "much luck". Since the German equivalent to our "happy new year" wish is for "ein glückliches neues Jahr", let us assume that this pig is wishing much luck to us all for this coming year.

The body of the stein was produced by Merkelbach & Wick. The design was created by Ludwig Hohlwein. His block signature is at the bottom of the design. The stein was decorated and marketed by Joseph Reinemann in their shop in München. The pewter lid was created in the Reinemann workshop. This lid was also used on a glass version of the stein by Theresienthal Glas Fabrik as well as many other artist designed steins produced by Joseph Reinemann.

The bottom is marked "M.Sch.",  an abbreviation for Musterschutz which designates that the design is protected.


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