Featured Stein: March 2014
~ A Russian Silver Tankard ~
By John Piet

This month's featured stein is a beautiful Russian silver tankard produced by the firm of Sazikov around 1885.  The stein features exquisitely detailed relief figures of a standing horse and bearded man holding a cup. It is interesting to note the spelling of Sazikov in the Cyrillic alphabet as seen in the hallmark shown below.
In the early nineteenth century, there were many important silver firms in Russia. Among these, Sazikov was the earliest. It was founded as a workshop in Moscow by the merchant Pavel Sazikov in 1793, and grew to become a factory by 1810. Pavel's son Ignatii succeeded him, and opened a branch in Saint Petersburg in 1842, and was accorded the title of court supplier and the right to incorporate the imperial double eagle in the firm's trademark in 1846. Following Ignatii Sazikov's death in 1868, the firm was run by his three sons, Sergei and Pavel in Moscow and Valentin in Saint Petersburg. Although the Saint Petersburg branch closed in 1877, the Moscow branch continued operations for another ten years, until it was taken over by the relatively new firm of Ivan Khlebnikov.

During the Sazikov firm's long existence, its productions included high quality silverware, as well as cast-silver sculpture and silver decorated with cloisonné enamels. A Google search of the firm's name today will indicate the magnitude of the firm's output.  
Editor's Note: It has been brought to our attention that a large percentage of Russian silver on the market today is not authentic. A stein very similar to this month's Featured Stein is labeled "fake" on the web site "Steve on Steins". (http://www.steveonsteins.com/photo-drafts-fakes-scams) This month's Featured Stein may not be what it is purported to be, but it is still a stein with superb workmanship. So enjoy looking at it, but be wary if you intend to buy any Russian sliver.
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