Featured Stein: July 2014
~ Bavaria and Her Lion at Oktoberfest ~
By John Piet

Periodically on Steintalk, this web site's forum page, a question is asked why a particular non-descript stein is drawing so much attention on eBay. Invariably, the stein in question is a brewery stein -- one made for and to advertise a particular brewery. There have been  two such steins in question in recent Steintalk posts.

There are many areas of stein collecting, but for some reason brewery steins do not get the recognition that they deserve. The demand for these steins may be fueled by collectors outside of the stein collecting group such as brewerania collectors or local history buffs. This month's featured stein is a brewery stein that created a lot of discussion on Steintalk in 2007. It had been the object of a very lively eBay auction with an ending bid of over $5000.

The stein was made by Martin Pauson for the Wagnerbräu brewery for the 1902 Octoberfest in Munich. The Octoberfest is held in a large field called the Thereseinwiese, Thresea's meadow. Overlooking the field is the Ruhmeshalle, hall of fame, and a very large ( over 60 feet tall ) statue of Bavaria and her lion, who are symbols of the state of Bavaria.

The scene on the stein humorously depicts Bavaria and her lion having come down from their perch on the pedestal after the fest had closed and taking advantage of undrunken beer left by departed revelers. The brewery's trademark on the lid may have been a major factor in driving up the price on this stein, but somehow I feel the scene on the stein may also have had some influence.

You can read more about this stein and Bavaria in articles by Stewart Eastman and Walt Vogdes in the March 2008 issue of Prosit. The Steintalk discussion can be found here.
Ruhmeshalle and statue on c1900 postcard  

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