Copper Stein with Matching base Plate – Bavarian 1888

A half liter copper stein, with three mounted copper plated 6 coins of the Three Kaisers of 1888 (two each), and its matching tray. While the hinge assembly is reminiscent of Bohemian work, it is very doubtful that this was made anywhere else but in Germany. The handle has “stipple work” all over it, as shown around the diamonds on the two body bands instead of the typical twisted handle. The year of the three German Kaisers, 1888, was quite a year for the German aristocracy and one that sent Germany headlong into a disastrous course of events. The Kaisers of the German Empire (1871–1918) [during which time most of the collectable German beer steins were produced] were: Wilhelm I (1871–1888); Frederick III (1888), who ruled for only 99 days; and Wilhelm II (1888–1918), during whose reign the monarchy in Germany ended near the end of World War I. For the uninitiated ‘Kaiser’ is the German title meaning “Emperor,” with ‘Kaiserin’ being the female equivalent to “Empress.” As the Russian “Czar”, “Kaiser” is directly derived from the Latin Emperors’ title of Caesar.

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