Let's Go Bowling! by Walt Vogdes


The glass stein with silver mounts which we see here weighs an impressive 2 lbs. 6.4 oz., even though the rim stands a modest five inches above the base. The young man serving as the thumblift for this stein has his bowling ball raised high, and with mouth open he appears ready to hurl the ball down the lane. Perhaps he has built up his strength by hoisting this stein on a regular basis! The body of the stein has been wheel cut in a honeycomb pattern, with a sixteen-point start cut in the base. But it's the silver mounts which make this stein special. The reserve at the center of the lid has been engraved with the original owner's monogram, and it is surrounded with a three dimensional ring of hops leaves and berries. The bowler is supported atop another leaf from the vine. Unfortunately, there are no maker's marks anywhere on this stein.

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