Featured Stein - October 2017

An Unusual Glass Character Stein

By Walt Vogdes

A Google search of the internet for "glass character stein" returns thousands of images, of which a large number are not even steins, let alone glass steins. Actually I did see one glass stein which qualifies as a character - a straight-sided glass body with a lid shaped as the front of an artillery shell. The body was enameled to show a booming cannon, establishing the overall intent of the design. The stein shown in this article is much more creative.

Seen here is a pressed glass stein with brass mounts in the form of a Miner's Lamp or Lantern. The base is enameled black, and the body has been highlighted with a gold-ish paint suggesting the metal framework of the lamp. The finial on the lid is a ring which would be used in combination with an open hook to hang the lantern from some convenient point while the miner was working. The lid does not attach to the handle, but to a part of the body especially created for that purpose. The base contains the lettering GES. GESCH. in relief.

Miners were always faced with the possibility of explosion if an open flame was introduced to an area where flammable gases had accumulated. The invention of the Miners Safety Lantern was intended to overcome this problem.

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