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Featured Stein ~ February 2018

"Woman Marksman" produced by Reinhold Hanke

By Steve Breuning
I recently acquired this Reinhold Hanke stein which was listed as “Woman Marksman”.  It is a 2 L stein with a beautiful inlaid pewter lid of Schützenliesl, or the Target Girl. It dates circa 1900.

The text on the stein reads:

“A Scheib’n und a Herz is’ was b’sunders im Leb’n.
Oft moanst du hast’s troffa und do schißt daneb’n.”

“A target and a heart are something special in life.
Often one thinks one has a hit and misses instead”.

The base marks on this stein show the impressed model number (1183) and the word GERMANY in an upward curving arc (a Hanke characteristic), plus the decoration number 726.
In researching the stein I found that Hanke produced many steins under mold #1183.  The Beer Stein Library reports that this is a pottery, transfer stein whose body served as the base for a variety of different images referred to as simply “Various Subjects”. It is unclear how many different subjects were used but The Beer Stein Library shows five examples:  1183/523, 566, 567, 574, 638, and 702. They are all 2 L steins with similar domed pewter lids and slight color variations in the body. The bottom of each stein is consistent in showing hand-inked numbers on the base along with an impressed model number. The Library reports that prices may vary depending on subject-matter, but will generally be concentrated around the same range.

The base of my stein also shows an impressed mark which has been occasionally noted on Hanke steins. In this example it is difficult to make out, but referring to Chris Wheeler's Stein Marks website gives us several other, clearer examples.

The first two images above are actual photos of the bases of two steins. The third image is from the cover of a Hanke Modelbuch (catalog) which can be dated to 1888 or later, and the fourth is from the cover of the book "Reinhold und August Hanke, Westerwälder Steinzeug, Historismus - Jugendstil" (1986). That last image is dated 1884 or later. These latter two images provide an explanation for this heraldic representation. In 1876 the Reinhold Hanke firm received recognition as Hoflierant Ihrer Majestät der deiutschen Kaiserin und Königin v. Preussen (purveyor to their majesty the German Empress and Queen of Prussia). (Click on either of those images to see the full context.) Empress Augusta, wife of Emperor Wilhelm II, was the daughter of Duke Frederick of the Danish region of Schleswig-Holstein. The conjoined arms depicted in this honor and used on the base of some steins thus represent the arms of Augusta's family with those of Frederick of Prussia.

On a final note, the woman displayed on this Hanke stein is also shown on a .5 L Mettlach Tapestry stein (#2823) produced in 1903.  It is titled “Woman with Rifle”. A banner on the back of the stein has the same text as seen on the Hanke stein.
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