Stein Collectors International
Featured Stein ~ October 2022

An Unusual Kegel Stein
              By Randy Satterfield - Carolina Steiners

Kegels steins tend to be quite straight forward. They typically consist of either depictions of people kegeling or symbols of kegeling or both. The only common foray into any kind of symbolism is a depiction of Glücksschwein (The Lucky Pig). So this stein is quite unusual in that it celebrates kegeling largely through the use of symbolism.

The decoration is a transfer on a porcelain half liter stein. Like most porcelain steins the maker is unknown. It shows from the top a young lady wearing a wreath around her head, a symbol of victory, especially athletic victory, since ancient Greece. The laurel wreath was originally a symbol of Apollo and was awarded to winners of the Olympic games and poetic competitions. She is holding in each hand a kegel (pin), they are over-sized and have a flowing ribbon attached. She stands atop a winged kugel (ball).This image is quite reminiscent of Schützenliesl (The Target Girl). To wrap it up there's a depiction of Glücksschwein standing atop a kugel at the bottom.

I've seen many kegeling steins but never one remotely similar to this one. Another somewhat surprising thing is that there is no dedication since this was almost certainly given as a trophy for a kegeling triumph.


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