Featured Stein – March 2017

Bronze Stein with Malachite Stone Lid and Handle Inserts Kiev, Russia circa mid 1980’s

A newer (1980’s) bronze tankard from the Kiev, in the Ukraine.  The scenes celebrate two of the city’s great monuments.

Side one: Bogdan Khmelnitsky Statue

            Bogdan Khmel’nitsky (1595-1657) was the leader of the Ukrainian Cossack uprising against the Poles, with the aim of achieving an independent Ukrainian state. At Christmas 1648, he made a triumphant entry into Kiev, where he was hailed as, “The Moses, savior, redeemer, and liberator of the people from Polish captivity”. The statue of him mounted on a horse is now one of the city’s great monuments.

Side Two: Monument to the Founders of Kiev

                  Legends say the city of Kiev was founded by four siblings. The three brothers, Kyi, Schek and Khoryv, and their sister Lybed supposedly showed up during the 5th century and named the new city after the oldest brother, Kyi. The statue depicts a boat, presumably the one they arrived on upon founding Kiev, with the three brothers armed with spears and a bow in the stern, and then Lybed perched on the bow facing into the wind with her arms raised, as if she might feel like she is flying.