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Here are some examples of my work. Because Regimental lids, finials and thumblifts are arguably the most complex and demanding, I have used two of them to start these illustrations.

This nice porcelain infantry regimental had its lid torn off and the thumblift was missing.

I had the correct Bavarian lion thumblift in my inventory, still attached to the handle of a stein which had been smashed. The finished repair is shown to the right - Perfect!

This Artillery regimental finial took a direct hit! One of the men is missing, as is the barrel of the cannon. I molded and poured two new parts, soldered them in place, and chemically aged the new pewter.


This nice old pewter flagon was put down too hard after a hard night of service, and its two legs were flattened! Not to worry, I made it stand upright once more.

The owner had both the stein and the lid, but they needed to be remarried. This is a simple repair, and one of the most common things I am asked to do. My objective - make the repair as good as new!

The owner of this nice enameled glass student stein already had a lid picked out, which he sent to me. The shank (what there was left of it) was too short for this tall stein, so the first step was to lengthen it (see before and after photos below, center). With a usable shank I was now able to pour a new strap, attaching the shank and the lid to the handle of the stein. I formed a rounded strap support to reflect the overall artistic design of the lid. After adding the patina to make it all look the same age, it's ready to go!