As an organization, SCI does not track selling prices in the stein market, and does not do valuations. That said, many of our members are individually willing to express an opinion about the value of a stein or to make note of a recent sale. SCI has no vested interest in any such valuations or resultant sales.

Damage is a very significant issue in stein values. Missing lids can impact the value by 30% or more. Minor chips (“flea bites”) have a relatively minor effect, but visible and noticeable chips ¼” or larger are generally quite objectionable to collectors. Hairlines, which are common in lithophanes, also reduce the value.

Limited Editions are a phenomenon of the last half of the 20th century, and the fact that a stein was produced in a Limited Edition usually has very little effect on its appeal to collectors. Many Limited Editions, be they steins, plates or something else, do not hold their original purchase value.

Steins marked Western Germany were produced between 1945 and 1991, and are considered modern. Most were produced as gift, souvenir or decorative items, and just like a new car, they lose value as they leave the point of purchase.