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    A quick question regarding a 4f stein… An auction for a 4F stein recently ended on eBay; you can see the photographs here:

    In addition to the usual 4F symbol, Vater Jahn, and “Gut Heil,” there is a “T” superimposed on a “D” symbol. Can anyone tell me what this symbol represents (I’m still a novice on 4F steins)? Thanks for any information.


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    I couldn’t find that stein in The Beer Stein Library catalogs. The “T” is probably for “Turn” and the “D” is probably the city in which the club is located.


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    Dave Johannsen


    Thanks for the likely explanation and for the link. The Google translation of the page is more than a bit wonky (so some of the more subtle points are eluding me), but I got the gist of what the Deutsche Turnerschaft was. Though I didn’t buy the stein, I am grateful to learn more about 4F and turn of the century Germany.


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    Lyn Ayers

    Dave, the T-shirt on the right has a logo also containing the same DT. Notice that on the other side panel the T-shirt has another insignia that looks in part a “J” and “S”. I have not been able to decipher it adequately; maybe other SCI members can add to this as well.

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      John Piet

      Better get a new pair of glasses. The emblem on both shirts is DT. The 10/20L capacity mark on this stein is unusual. The seller could have got a lot more for this stein had he properly identified it as a 4F stein and advertised it as saying “Gut Heil” rather than “Gut Speil”. If anyone can tell me where it is signed “NR”, I will get myself another pair of glasses.
      John Piet

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    The stein was made by Marzi & Remy. It is listed in the BSL under decoration # 15035. The 10/20L capacity designation may be unique to M&R, as every time I have seen it the mark has been on a M&R stein. Thanks for the DT information.

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