an odd stein?

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    I have an interesting stein that is 0.3L (marked on the lip as so), and has 271 stamped into the base/bottom (I’m guessing a mold mark?), with no other marking that I can find. Except, towards the top of the rim, under the uppermost decoration, are German words that have been partially covered by the decoration. I can’t make much of it out, except “volk.” It is gray stoneware with blue decoration and the sides appear to have royalty and/or knights/soldiers. Any ideas who made this, and why they would have covered the wording? It’s a cool little stein.


    odd stein
    odd stein
    odd stein
    odd stein
    odd stein

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    I believe this to be a salt glazed stein made by Reinhold Merkelbach between 1890 and 1900. The wording was not intentionally covered up but a factory flaw.

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